Calvary Chapel, Kharkiv, Ukraine

"All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness " (2 Timothy .3:16)

History of Our Church



History of Calvary Chapelpicture

Calvary Chapel began in Costa Mesa, California in the late 1960's as a single, non-denominational church of 25 members pastored by Chuck Smith. God began a great work among the youth of California at that time and thousands of people began coming to Christ, many through the ministry of Calvary Chapel. This revival spread across the United States and beyond and became known as "The Jesus Movement". Today Calvary Chapel has grown into a movement of more than 1500 churches in over 60 countries, including some of the largest churches in America. Calvary Chapel also began an international publishing and broadcasting ministry, The Word for Today, as well as Calvary Chapel Bible College with over 20 campuses worldwide.



By 1971 the large crowds and the winter rains forced us to move again. We bought a ten-acre tract of land on the Costa Mesa/Santa Ana border. Orange County was quickly changing and the once-famous orange orchards were making way for the exploding population of Los Angeles. Soon after buying the land, we again did the unprecedented and erected a giant circus tent that could seat 1,600 at a stretch. This was soon enlarged to hold 2,000 seats. Meanwhile we began building an enormous sanctuary adjacent to this site.

By the time Calvary Chapel fellowship had celebrated opening day in 1973 moving into the vast new sanctuary of 2,200 seats, the building was already too small to contain the numbers turning out. We held three Sunday morning services and had more than 4,000 people at each one. Many had to sit on the carpeted floor. A large portion of floor space was left without pews so as to provide that option.

Today, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, the church which only had twenty-five members, has now established 1345affiliate Calvary Chapels across the world and is among the world's largest churches with 20,000+ calling it their home church. It is one of the ten largest Protestant churches in the United States.


History of Calvary Chapel in Ukraine

After the Soviet Union fell and Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, the doors to the gospel opened wide and a number of missionaries from the West responded to the great spiritual need. Among these were George Markey and his family. George was pastoring a Calvary Chapel in a small city in Indiana when in 1992 he felt the call of God to move to Kiev, Ukraine and share the good news of Jesus. He planted the first Calvary Chapel in Ukraine, and God did an amazing work, bringing many to Jesus in that city and beyond. From the Kiev church other Calvary Chapels were planted in various cities around the country. Today there are around 15 Calvary Chapels in Ukraine. After 15 years in Kiev, Pastor George felt he had finished the work God called him to in Ukraine. He passed the church on to a Ukrainian pastor and moved to Kyrgyzstan to plant a church in the capital there. A few short months later, the Lord took George home at the age of 65. The Calvary Chapel movement in Ukraine continues to grow and carry on George's vision to reach the nation for Christ.



History of Calvary Chapel Kharkiv

Церковь Голгофы г. Харьков - христианская, евангельская церковь, основана в в 2002 г. Основная цель: Проповедь Евангелия Иисуса, общение в духе, взращивание учеников Христа.
"И слово Божие росло, и число учеников весьма умножалось в Иерусалиме; и из священников очень многие покорились вере." (Деян.6:7)
У нас есть уникальная возможность через служение нашей церкви нести Евангелие по всему миру. в Харькове проживают около 500 000 студентов, многие из них приехали из других стран чтобы получать образование, большинство не знают как русского так и украинского языка. Из за того что церковь была основана американскими миссионерами мы сохранили традицию вести служения на 2х языках, русском и английском. Благодаря этому у нас была возможность благословить через слово Божье многих студентов и иностранцев из таких стран как Ирак, Иран, Индия, Китай, Африка, Кения, Конго, Уганда Америка, Австралия и др. Многие из них при окончании обучения вернулись в свои страны, неся туда Слово Божье.
Отличительная черта нашей церкви  – проповедь всей Библии, от первой главы Бытия до последнего стиха книги Откровения. Мы считаем такой метод изучения Слова более правильным, чем тематическое изучение. Преподавая всю Библию мы соглашаемся с авторитетом Божьего Слова и расцениваем все главы Писания одинаково необходимыми и актуальными для назидания Тела Христова.
Мы не относим себя к какой либо деноминации, хотя одинаково ради общению со всеми церквями.

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